Prancing Leopard Coiba Top

Coiba Top over Colca

Prancing Leopard Organics Coiba Top is made with a ribbed version of our exclusive super-soft "peached" four-way stretch jersey of Organic Turkish Long-fiber Cotton fabric. It breathes very well and feels fresh and comfortable on the skin, whether for practice, meditation or around town.

The unique "slanted-V" neckline combined with the ribbed fabric has what it takes to become a classic. And this top is ideal to complement your other pieces; both the very popular Ruby Red and True Blue colors combine well with other items.

The piece is especially suited for layering with other pieces because of the unique neckline, especially in combination with its sister piece the Tunic Colca, which is a long tunic with a similar v-neck slanted the other way.

This piece moves with you like nothing at all and combines well with most bras. Prancing Leopard Organics pays close attention to every detail so that the cut not only flatters you, but feels comfortable all day.

Available in True Blue and Ruby Red, Sizes XS, S, M, and L.

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Namaste! - Prancing Leopard Organics