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    "Color combinations are incredibly thoughtful and creative, not only a great compliment to the other things I have, but they not only work well together in concert, but they make me look brighter."

    "The decorative seaming is artfully placed to create an aesthetically pleasing clothing, but they are also flattering to the body. As a full collection, the seaming gives a fabulous contour and cohesiveness to the collection, everything looks good together."

    "The fabric is really really soft, stretchy, and not too thick or too thin. Not to thin, so it doesnt show underwear lines, and it doesn't pull on the flesh, and you can still go out but also not too thick, so it still feels like you are wearing next to nothing while you practice."

    "Thought: It is like my favorite pajamas, but it still holds me well."

    "The clothes feel so soft and silky against the body."

    "I don't feel weighted down or heavy like in other types of fabric."

    "My daily routine is so simplified because I love wearing Prancing Leopard even after yoga."

    "The value and quality is worth every penny because the pieces are so multifunctional."

    "People are in amazement when they touch the fabric. I love practicing in prancing leopard it moves with the body not against it."

    "The cuts and colors are amazing! I could pair them with my existing yoga wardrobe and mix and match them with my street clothes as well. I can't wait to travel with these pieces and share Prancing Leopard with the rest of the world."

    "It feels light and effortless, but it still maintains its cut and form. You want it to be really thin so it is effortless and comfortable to wear, but when you are out you want it thick enough."

    "Whenever I wear this fabric, I feel like I am walking around in a hug. It is so soft, but it still has a tone to compliment your shape."

    "The textiles are the most amazing I have ever worn, they dont feel like "fitness" clothes, it just so happens that I can do everything comfortably when I practice."

    "The pocket are sometimes pouch out, so I like the Yala and Corsica best because they dont have pockets. With the Mentawai shorts the pockets doesn't bother me. The Barcelona, and the Pamir do have pockets, and the pockets are smushed up after you have been practicing."

    "The pockets on the other hand are great for the street, and especially the guys like them. My fiancé likes the pants, but for him the pockets are more difficult because he is a yogi, while he is doing yoga."

    "The clothes allow me to navigate my day, which is full of being on the mat, assisting other people, being out in the world, meeting friends, it allows me to navigate all that without having to change, and where I used to wear jeans to my private appointments, now I look professional both on the mat and on the street. I can wear a blouse or I can wear my leather jacket or I can wear a tunic, and I can mix and match with my other clothes which are not about yoga. If you buy a number of things from Prancing Leopard it really expands your overall wardrobe that much more."

    "I can wear this to meet someone, I dont have to wear a pair of jeans, both because of the fabric and the cut and style."

    "I dont know of any other clothes which work so well on the mat, but also can be appropriate in a professional or office environment. "

    "XS would be the next area to focus on, for certain items. Tunic Antibes I would need in an extra small, and the Kerala, the Casablanca and the Leblon. I am XS size, and I can wear the Jurmala top with the slit neck in S and feel totally comfortable."

    "I normally fold over the waist on the Yala pants. These are the best pants in the world. I have worn them all week, I have worn them to yoga practice, to dance and out on the street. They show off the curve of the leg and they are not painted on. The fabric is thin enough, it doesnt make lines on the body, even after long practice sessions, but they are not too light so they dont move and stay on well."

    "I love the Jurmala top, I like the fact that it is exactly the right length. Some other long tunic-like tops are too long, so they cover up too low in back. With the Jurmala top, the neck and upper area still shows my collar bone, I love the cut, it is not too tight, and everybody I teach for wants one."