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    Brand: Prancing Leopard

    Desert Nomad Sacred Fire Artisan Necklace

    Desert Nomad Sacred Fire Artisan Necklace
    Red Tibetan Beads + Turkoman Tassels


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    - Gorgeous & museum-like piece of wearable art
    - Almost magical, shaman-like energy
    - Hand made by the Artist Sevda Holland
    - 324 red coral beads on 12 strands
    - Vintage silver-plated cross-piece w. dark-blue insets
    - Long twin turkoman beaded tassel pendants
    - Length when worn is 25inches/64cm
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    Details - Desert Nomad Sacred Fire Artisan Necklace
    Red Tibetan Beads + Turkoman Tassels

    The Desert Nomad Sacred Fire Necklace is a gorgeous and very substantial hand made wearable art piece with a strong almost magical, shaman-like energy.

    This is Sevda Holland's most substantial and intricate wearable art piece so far and represents the culmination of a true labor of love. It exudes a very powerful energy and life-force and is a true artifact of meditation.

    Centerpiece of the necklace is a vintage turkoman cross-piece of plated silver with dark-blue insets on one side and a red inset on the other (can be worn both ways). This center section joins the tassels using two antique silver-plated sections in an inverted chalice arrangement.

    Length is 25 inches (64cm) as worn. The strong presence of the necklace is supported by 324 antique Tibetan red coral-like natural beads of roughly 8mm arranged in 12 strands of 27 with thin coral-colored spacer strand-ends and two conical red reducer beads. The provenance of the Tibetan beads is unknown, whether bone or true coral.

    It features two partially restored vintage tassels from the Turkoman regions of Krygystan, Usbekistan, Afghanistan,Kazahkstan, Turkmenistan or Pakistan (exact provenance unknown). The two tassels split into five smaller tassels, all featuring tiny ceramic beads in turquoise, black, white, red, green, yellow, burgundy and black. The vintage turkoman tassel pendants are 9 inches (23cm) in length.

    The neck area features a 13mm thick intricate hand-woven rope-like strand, adorned at the ends with sea shells and turned seashell discs, which are in turn connected to the red coral sections.

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