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    Our clothing business came from our simple need: we couldn‘t find active clothing that was really stylish, organic and comfortable enough to wear all day, both as streetwear and in the studio.  

    We‘re Sevda and Bert, the founders. To us, activewear made of synthetic blends seemed out of place both out on the street and in the studio too - it felt confining, artificial, and seemed styled either like sleepwear or sport clothes!  

    We challenged ourselves to think different: to combine fashion-forward style and organic comfort. To go from café to yoga, to meetings or a stylish evening out without changing.

    We care deeply about nature, and mankind — so our little business was born.

    Our inspiration is the majestic snow leopard, a symbol of freedom, and oneness with the environment - we help protect it through the Snow Leopard Trust.  

    The Founders

    Sevda's thoughts

    Why did we make our choice for organic cotton for our clothes? The reason is basically: thinking about all the aspects of our business and of our world - all the elements that are relevant and important to each and every one of us. The environment, the health of every one of us and the oneness with nature.

    Not man-made in chemical laboratories and by large corporations, organic cotton has a long and proven history of perfection as an ideal material for clothing. We are passionate about organic Farming and we want our success to show up as decent earnings in Organic Cotton farmer's pockets - many organic cotton farmers are really struggling for survival. We want to contribute towards their business so that he or she can be empowered to continue this very challenging way of farming without having to compete so directly with the opportunistic and commercial conventional farmers.

    To the uninitiated, the crops of conventional and organic cotton farming don't seem to be that different, but the environmental and health damage due to conventional cotton farming is enormous. Exfoliants are used to remove the leaves prior to machine harvesting, pesticides and herbicides are used in abundance, in fact 16% of all agricultural chemicals are used to grow non-organic cotton. And synthetic garments derived from petrochemicals are even much worse in terms of their global impact.

    From the richness of the soil to the balance between of our lives and the environment, from the smallest insects to the wild birds and animals, from the health of those who wear our clothes to the health of the farm workers, all are dependent on our conscious decisions. Our consumption choices shape our environment and that of future generations to come...... whether a pair of polyester-blended pants or jeans..... whether organic versus not organic.....

    We deeply believe in social responsibility, believe in using the most sustainable, environmental material alternatives. We follow up in the manufacturing process. In every step from the farm to your wearing the clothes we strive towards our highest goals of helping to make/shape a better world for all of us.

    We utilize low impact dying processes, low-impact shipping and packaging, and we have minimized the use of synthetics (like our 5% Lycra four way-stretch fabric).

    We are very actively engaged with our partners to research, develop and manufacture naturally-derived organic materials and processes which we can reduce our environmental footprint.

    In the end, it is the consumer who must decide through their buying decisions and behaviors to support the environment. From eliminating the use of plastic bottles to the purchase of organic goods from conscientious, sustainable manufacturers. Our responsibility as a manufacturer is also very significant, the decisions we make can easily be measured in tons of environmental impact.

    Thank you for buying organic, sustainable and fair trade.