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    Fitness Jumpsuits are what made Prancing Leopard - When Prancing Leopard was born, one of our first big hits was the original Aix-en-Provence organic cotton yoga jumpsuit. Now six years later, we have updated it as the Aix-en-Provence II Harem-style Super Jumpsuit more...
    Alongside the Toulouse II yoga workout super jumpsuit the upcoming new Lyon Catsuit Super Jumpsuit combines skirt-legging, catsuit and multi-strap sports bra in a slinky, sexy cut which is sure to appeal to both professional yoga instructors and fashionistas. Check them all out!

    Super Jumpsuits

    Do you like comfort? This question may sound weird but still try to answer. If the answer is positive, you can be sure that sports jumpsuits from Prancing Leopard Organics are a good match for you. We design them with all the modern tendencies and customer feedback in mind. Moreover, we are passionate about sustainable clothing so we are using only best fabric for our yoga jumpsuits - moisture-wicking high-performance organic Zeugma® cotton. That is why all our yoga clothes are so comfortable, soft to touch and stylish at the same time. Check out our fitness jumpsuits and you won’t regret. In such a jumpsuit you will feel great both in the studio and out in the street. You deserve it!