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    Heavenly short-sleeve yoga tops - Enjoy the heavenly comfort of yoga shirts made of our soft dry-feeling moisture-wicking organic Zeugma® cotton stretch jersey. more...
    Choose from our range of unique yoga short sleeve tops to complement your figure and allow you complete freedom of movement as you move through your yoga asanas. Check out our short sleeve yoga tops and shirts with enough style to take you for a night on the town!

    Yoga Short-Sleeve Tops

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    Feel the exhilaration and quality of our New York and German-designed organic yoga tops with short sleeves, crafted with passion by our European artisans. Here at Prancing Leopard Organics we value your comfort, that’s why each piece of our clothes is created with love and care. No matter whether you choose our Arles Asymmetrical or Reversible top, you can be sure that you will look dressy during yoga classes and on the street or even a night out on the town. Try on one of our short sleeve yoga tops and you will immediately fall in love with it! Test