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    Brand: Prancing Leopard

    Universe in Bliss Mala Necklace

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    Universe in Bliss Mala Necklace


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    Universe in Bliss Mala Necklace is Hand made by Sevda Holland.
    An Unique, sophisticated and unusual Mala
    Total Length: 22 inches (53 cm) long
    Silver plated metal spacers and various details
    Universe in Bliss Mala Necklace is an inspiration for love. Beautiful energy!
    It can be worn doubled as a short necklace
    Sizing Details see below.
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    Details - Universe in Bliss Mala Necklace

    Total Length: 22 inches (53cm) long Necklace Length: 15,5 inches (40cm) Beads: 14 mm and 10mm 54 wooden beads Meru Bead: Recycled metal Bead with turquoise elements Spacers and Details: 14mm vintage recycled African, various glass and porcelain beads A Mala is a traditional string of beads used to count mantras (Sanskrit prayers) in sets of 18, 21, 27, 54 or 108 repetitions. The large Meru (mountain) bead provides a starting and ending point on the mala for counting the repetitions.
    General Necklace Sizing Info:
    - Necklaces 48 inches (122cm) and longer: Generous long strands often doubled or tripled, hang at navel or below.
    - Necklaces 40 inches (100cm) and longer: Long strands often doubled or tripled, can also hang near the navel with pendant.
    - 28- to 34-inch (70 - 85cm) necklaces: Medium to long necklaces hang near the bust line or are worn as a doubled strand.
    - 20- to 24-inch (50 - 60cm) necklaces: Medium chains meet at the top of the bust line. Certain strands, chokers, and pendant necklaces also come in these lengths.
    - 17- to 20-inch (43 - 60cm) necklaces: Short to medium chains, strands, and lockets, as well as some longer chokers, meet at top of breastbone, and can attach pendants.
    - 16- to 18-inch (41 - 46cm) necklaces: Short chains, lockets, strands, and chokers. They stay close to the neck. Attached pendants lie above the breastbone.
    - 10- to 13-inch (25 - 33cm) necklaces: Very short necklaces, such as chokers, wrap very close around the neck.

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