Fast fashion boring you? Dare to be different!

Fast fashion is becoming a commodity. Trendy, cheery and cheaply made. Take the anti-dote: choose authentic sustainable fashion like the eco-lifestyle clothing from Prancing Leopard Organics.

New York, NY -- June 15, 2011 by Robert Barnsley / (click here to see the press release) -- In a corporate-dominated world, clothing is becoming a commodity - the "whatever" effect: trendy, cheery and cheaply made. But all that is starting to change.

"Consumers are starting to resist mass-produced clothing," explains Sevda Holland, founder of Prancing Leopard Organics.

"People have a natural desire to express their individuality rather than consuming fast fashion. That's why our brand new Corfu Top is already in such high demand."

Taste is clothing is important, just like with food. Fast fashion and fast food have a lot in common.

Take for example the typical fitness cami or yoga top. Styled for the masses without passion or soul, sewn by children in Indonesia or Cambodia, and made from chemical fibers, they have about as much personality and taste as a burger and fries.

Contrast that with Prancing Leopard's gorgeous new Corfu Top with its fashionable gathered bust line and sexy scooped back in velvety soft 95% organic cotton jersey. Sewn by grown men in Turkey with families and health care plans. Made of hand-picked certified organic cotton from local farms.

  Corfu Top from Prancing Leopard Organics
Dare to be Different: Prancing Leopard Corfu Top

"Conscientious and tasteful consumers are driving change, just as they have with organic foods." adds Sevda Holland, a turkish-born Eco-designer. "And with vibrant, colorful fabrics like our new True Blue and Ruby Red organic cotton jerseys we are introducing in the Corfu Top, clothing is a way to celebrate life itself."

Doing double-duty as a fashion top and a yoga top, the Corfu Top is typical for the line. Designed to draw (positive!) attention to the wearer, it stays put through whatever sequence you throw at it.

"Our customers tell us its all about comfort, feel and fit," observes Sevda Holland, who started the Eco-label in 2009. "Our goal is a level of comfort that it feels like nothing at all. The Corfu comes very close to that - and it stays put."

Prancing Leopard offers earth-friendly fashion-forward, organic lifestyle fashion suitable as contemporary apparel, yoga clothing, Pilates wear, or fitness clothes. Prancing Leopard Organics is expanding to offer accessories such as unique fashionable yoga jewelry and malas, fitness accessories, yoga mats and yoga videos etc.

In keeping with their philanthropic bent, Prancing Leopard Organics founded the non-profit Women Artisan Project, which supports artisan women in underserved communities - with the goals of keeping their creative heritage alive and empowering them with self-confidence, independence and their own income. All their products are hand-made from the finest 100% organic turkish cotton available, and "made with love."

Prancing Leopard Organics is a fast-growing eco-designer label and is sold in upscale boutiques such as Fred Segal Yoga, Exhale Spas, Four Season Resorts and Jivamukti Yoga. Prancing Leopard will also be featured in this years major motion picture "Someday this Pain will be Useful to You" starring Marcia-Gay Harden, Lucy Liu, Stephan Lang, Deborah Ann Woll and Toby Regbo. Prancing Leopard is the preferred clothing for eco-lifestyle fitness luminaries like Elena Brower, Jai Sugrim, Toni Melaas, Elsie Escobar, Lotte Paarup, Susanne Botzenhart, Toni Melaas and Ana Caban.

Prancing Leopard Organics represents the finest in eco-lifestyle active wear. Using exclusive, luxurious organic cotton fibers and fashion-forward styles, Prancing Leopard is 100% committed to organic and eco-conscious living. See also the blog at

Contact: Gloriana Galdamez,, +1-201-645-1372

Here are some pictures of the new Corfu top, which works as well in a yoga studio as in a swanky cafe:
Corfu Scoop-back TopCorfu Scoop-back TopCorfu Scoop-back TopCorfu Scoop-back Top