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Corfu Top: Hot Summer Style

Prancing Leopard Corfu Top


Fun in the Sun with the new Corfu Top

This "Hot" new top is perfect to help you look and feel super "cool" as the temperatures climb. Show yourself from your best side; the open back with asymmetric and adjustable straps combines with a shelf bra (with insert pockets) to stay put through any sequence . . .


Prancing Leopard Mentawai Shorts

PRODUCTS | Mentawai Shorts

Don't wear your Boyfriend's Shorts!

Get your Own instead! Women love the Mentawai surfer shorts because they are slightly longer, and have a very relaxed, sexy fit (Men do too . . . ). We just recently listed these for women and already the shorts are nearly sold out. Get yours before they are completely gone . . . .


Prancing Leopard Carmague One-Piece

PRODUCTS | Carmague One-Piece Body

Short and Sweet . . . and Cool.

. . . and Reversible, too! Shown here with the Xingu leggings, the Carmague one-piece body is a perennial favorite summer piece, simple yet elegant in white. The ultimate in freedom, it has the appearance of a two piece combo, but stays put no matter what you are doing and looks good every which way, too . . . .


New Yoga Studio in Caracas

INSIDE NEWS | New Studio in Caracas

Welcome: Studio Mantraliza

Prancing Leopard is proud to welcome our newest yoga studio in South America: Mantraliza in Caracas Venezuela. This brand new upscale Studio founded by Liza Sullivan is opening with Prancing Leopard Organics clothing from the very outset.

Contact us to find out more about Mantraliza or about retailing Prancing Leopard.

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