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    Brand: Prancing Leopard

    Kids Yoga Pants

    Kids Yoga Pants
    Kids love them!


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    - The ultimate kids yoga pants
    - Super comfortable soft peached jersey
    - Made of 95% organic Zeugma® Cotton
    - Asymmetric detail stitching
    - Soft and cozy feel
    - European design and quality
    - Kids love them!


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    Details - Kids Yoga Pants
    Kids love them!

    Prancing Leopard Organics Little Leopard Pants are made with care using our exclusive four-way stretch sueded Organic Long-fiber Cotton jersey fabric. Our signature asymmetric detail stitching and the wonderful soft and cozy feel of the fabric make these special pants which kids love to wear everywhere - at practice or at a playdate.

    The combination of cut and the comfortable but strong fabric translate to a garment which fits a wide variety of body types and which kids like to keep wearing for years.

    The Prancing Leopard Logo symbolizes our commitment to a better world for future generations, and the organic long-fiber cotton fabric feels good both inside and out - and no harsh chemicals or residues.

    Prancing Leopard Organics exclusive soft four-way stretch sueded jersey is 95% Organic Long-fiber Zeugma® Cottonand 5% Lycra.

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