Revitalization expert and MacArthur Fellow Majora Carter wears Prancing Leopard

Majora Carter

We welcome Majora Carter as a Prancing Leopard friend

Revitalization expert and MacArthur Fellow, Majora Carter is best known for poverty alleviation through green job creation through the organization she founded, the Sustainable South Bronx. She now exports that knowledge through her consulting firm, the Majora Carter Group LLC.

Majora leads a very active international lifestyle with grueling schedules, placing a premium on personal balance and fitness, so she enjoys practicing yoga in Prancing Leopard!

Majora is a strong supporter of environmental causes, and it is because of her strong support of the environment (and her good taste!) that she agreed to model our clothes. Majora loves to wear our Tunic Antibes while meditating, and her Armudarya Top while just relaxing.

Majora Carter created and hosted Eco-Heroes, Sundance Channel's original 13-part broadcasts in which she interviews those who made an influence in her work.

Currently, Majora hosts Public Radio's The Promised Land, a program that features people with revolutionary ideas who support the communities around them. Check online for your local public radio station or download at The Promised Land.

See the wonderful, inspiring videos below. First is Majora's world-changing TED talk from 2006, and then her "Love Virus" invention for GOOD magazine. Enjoy!

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