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Hand Knit Sweaters

Prancing Leopard's Hand Knit Sweaters are knit by hand to the highest standards using the highest quality 100% organic cotton, specifically spun and dyed to our specifications.

The women from Prancing Leopards' Women Artisan Project knit our sweaters using time-tested traditional methods to assure the best possible comfort, form and style without sacrificing practicality, durability and fit. All of these women grew up knitting, and today they knit as a way of earning financial independence or to cover costs for health care and family.

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Palandoken Hand-Knit Cotton Sweater by the Women Artisan Project

Palandoken Hand-Knit 100% Organic Turkish Cotton Sweater

Regular Price: $425.00

Special Price: $198.00

Prancing Leopard Organics Annecy Coverup Sweater

Annecy Hand-Knit Artisan Cover-Up Sweater in Organic Cotton

Regular Price: $270.00

Special Price: $149.00