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    ☐ fantastic in the studio, on the street or out on the town
    ☐ help you look well dressed for the whole day

    ☐ perfect for Pilates, yoga, dance or fitness

    ☐ highest possible quality
    ☐ designer made

    ☐ tasteful and trendsetting

    ☐ made to last

    ☐ made of hand-picked organic cotton

    ☐ so comfortable you never want to take them off

    ☐ made of fabric that is silky smooth and soft to the touch
    ☐ cut and lines which complement your figure
    ☐ designed to move with you like nothing at all

    ☐ free of toxins, nano-particles and pesticides

    ☐ high-tech fabrics with low impact - like our Zeugma*
    ☐ support endangered species - like the Snow Leopard Trust
    ☐ support underserved artisans - like our Women Artisan Project
    ☐ made for women, men and children
    ☐ made by full grown adults with pride and respect
    ☐ a celebration of life itself
    ☐ made by full grown adults with pride and respect

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