Prancing Leopard "Save the Earth" Facebook Contest

Sample Submission

Every day is Earth Day at Prancing Leopard Organics.

Do you have a new product idea for Prancing Leopard Organics which helps the earth?

Contribute your idea to Prancing Leopard's Save-the-Earth product idea Facebook contest and encourage friends to vote.

If you come up with a good idea for new earth-friendly products, you can be a winner.

It is simple. You just fill out the form below and Prancing Leopard posts the product ideas to Prancing Leopard's Facebook Page, where fans use "likes" to vote on the ideas.

It's easy:

1. fill out the form below and submit it per e-mail
2. attach any sketches, photos or videos you'd like
3. Prancing Leopard will post your idea to Facebook for you (usually within a day)
4. Prancing Leopard's Facebook Fans vote based on product appeal, expressiveness and utility
5. Any idea with five (5) or more Facebook post "likes" wins something

Product ideas can be things like earth-friendly yoga mats, a new style of clothing, organic sweat bands, recycled cotton apparel, natural yoga blocks, organic nutritional supplements, etc. Please be as specific with your idea as you can!

Inviting your friends to go to Prancing Leopard's Facebook page and "like" your ideas is one way to increase your chances. Prize winners can choose between clothing, accessories or gift certificates.

After you enter, go to our Facebook Page to check on your ideas, or to vote using "likes" for other's ideas.

Contest entrants are free to submit general product ideas, or more detailed ones, whichever they choose. Product ideas can consist of text only (or even poetry!), or be more detailed by attaching rough sketches, pictures or even videos to your e-mail.





Please signify your agreement to the contest rules as listed below. Your e-mail program will open with your details already included.

PLEASE add any photos, sketches, videos, etc. you would like to have included in your entry by including them as attachments using your e-mail program before sending the e-mail to Prancing Leopard.

No purchase necessary. This contest is void where prohibited by law. Winners are chosen at the sole discretion of Prancing Leopard LLC. All entries must be appropriate for all audiences. Submissions referencing sex, drugs, or violence will not be accepted as entries. Any attached or included content that is deemed inappropriate, indecent, obscene, as determined by Prancing Leopard in their sole discretion, will not be eligible.

All appropriate ideas submitted will be posted to Prancing Leopard's Facebook Page with your name but no other identifying information.

 Entrants represent and warrant that (i) the materials that they submit: are their own original creations and do not infringe any other person's or entity's rights; (ii) they have obtained permission, if applicable, from any persons featured in their submission to enter this Contest; and (iii) the submission of the idea will not violate any enforceable agreements or understandings submitter has with any third party. If for any reason the entrant accidentally or purposefully violates any of the above (i,ii or iii) he/she will indemnify Prancing Leopard LLC.

You can submit as many ideas as you would like. Submissions must be made in English. Each submission must be submitted in the name of one, and only one, entrant.

By entering the Idea Contest you grant Prancing Leopard the right to contact you regarding your entry, publicize your entry, promote your entry for any other purpose related to the Contest and/or broadcast your entry.

Submission of an idea constitutes the irrevocable right to Prancing Leopard of all rights to the ideas, materials and concepts submitted and all rights to use, copy, sublicense, edit, modify, make derivative works, publish, exploit, transmit, distribute, publicly perform, publish, delete or display the content of and elements embodied in the idea itself, in whole or in part, in perpetuity in any and all media (whether now existing or hereafter devised) without limitation, and without consideration or acknowledgment to the entrant and the unconditional right to use the idea and statements about the idea for advertising/publicity purposes without additional compensation, except where prohibited by law.