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    Brand: Prancing Leopard

    Tasman Sport Dress

    Tasman Sport Dress
    Our moisture-wicking Zeugma® organic pique


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    - Our classic sport dress in stunning style
    - Expresses joyful nature of women in sports
    - Ideal for tennis, yoga, fitness and dancing!
    - Short and sensual
    - Fitted in the right places, flowing in others
    - Rear décolleté shows off your beautiful back
    - Bra straps stay hidden
    - Celebratory feeling like you just won the match
    - Designed in the US, crafted in Europe
    - Our moisture-wicking Zeugma® Cotton pique
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    Details - Tasman Sport Dress
    Our moisture-wicking Zeugma® organic pique

    For a fresh look on fitness, try the Tasman.

    We sometimes forget that wearing dresses is an expression of joyful nature of women. Joyful whether meditating, running or yoga-ing!

    If you go beyond the standard sport outfits, some of us have a craving for sport dresses that can express the joy of movement/exercises/sports and take it to the whole day experience.

    The Tasman Dress from Prancing Leopard is an all-rounder! It is short and sensual - tight in right places and flowy on others, giving you freedom of movement.

    With a back décolleté that shows off your beautiful back you've been working hard to keep or bring in its beautiful form regardless your age. And your bra straps remain hidden.

    It is the celebratory feeling you wear with the Tasman dress that makes you more aware of your perfectness as you are.

    <br/>Our Tasman Dress is crafted by insured adult workers in great working conditions. Made with passion, love and respect for environment and all living beings. As Prancing Leopard always does it.

    Made of our exclusive 95% organic high-performance Zeugma® Cotton piqué with 5% Elastan for form-fitting stretch.

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