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Prancing Leopard's new Zeugma®


Prancing Leopard Organics First to Introduce new High-Performance Organic Zeugma® Cotton

Yoga and fitness enthusiasts no longer have to choose between non-allergenic, comfortable, environmentally safe organic cotton and fast-drying, moisture-wicking technical fabrics. They can have it both ways.

Prancing Leopard Organic's exclusive new Zeugma® combines customer advantages normally associated with so-called "technical" synthetic and chemically treated fabrics, with the breathability, softness and comfort of 95% organic cotton. 

Prancing Leopard Organic's new Zeugma® is a high-tech fabric without the chemicals. Zeugma® is Prancing Leopard's shorthand for their organic version of the new Zeugma® Cotton textiles. All of Prancing Leopard's fabrics are made of at least 95% certified organic cotton.

By exclusive arrangement, Prancing Leopard Organics is the first label worldwide to introduce clothing manufactured using the new Zeugma® Cotton textiles. Zeugma® is a brand name for textiles made with a new proprietary spinning process whereby the cotton fibers are mechanically aligned and interconnected to form long, smooth filaments. This makes possible Zeugma® Cotton's advanced characteristics.

"High-performance organic natural fabrics have always been our holy grail," explains Sevda Holland, founder of Prancing Leopard Organics. "Now high-performance organic cotton has become reality. We are thrilled to be able to introduce Zeugma® to our conscious minded generation."

The first implementation is a Zeugma® (Zeugma®) version of Prancing Leopard's soft "peached" single jersey L-cotton or luxury cotton. It is more than a match in terms of softness, breathability and comfort on the skin, characteristics which have made Prancing Leopard Organics a popular choice for active lifestyles.

- wicks away moisture
- dries quickly
- lasts longer without visible wear and is stronger
- has less pilling and lint - smoother, brighter colors
- is environmentally friendly

And our new exclusive Zeugma® is superbly soft, breathable and pleasant on the skin. Characteristics Prancing Leopard's exclusive organic fabrics are known for.

Zeugma Cotton Moisture Management Comparison between normal Cotton and Zeugma® - Start - Liquid is deposited on ClothZeugma Cotton Moisture Management Comparison between normal Cotton and Zeugma® - after 10 minutes - Liquid has dissipated much further in the Zeugma®

TECHNOLOGY | Zeugma® - the details

The Performance Story behind Zeugma®

We at Prancing Leopard Organics have always believed that natural fibers have a greater overall performance potential than oil-based synthetic chemical fibers. Our new Zeugma® or Zeugma® cotton is the first product to reach this goal.

"The moment the people at Zeugma® first described their new process of aligning and interconnecting the cotton fibers to form long, smooth filaments, we knew we were on to something," explains Sevda Holland, the eco-designer behind Prancing Leopard Organics. "Having found shared values, we immediately went into implementation phase. Now we are proud to be the first clothing company worldwide to offer clothing made of Zeugma® cotton."

This is what technicians say Zeugma® achieves through the Zeugma® process:

Moisture Wicking:
In conventional cotton fabric, the small hairs or stray fibers on the yarn trap moisture which can not easily escape; that is why they can get soggy when exposed to moisture or sweat. The long, uniform filaments of Zeugma® fabric absorb water more easily and quickly, and moisture is distributed quickly throughout the fabric. That's why our new clothes made of Zeugma® cotton feel dryer and more comfortable when exercising.

Quick Drying:
Natural cotton takes longer to dry because of moisture trapped in the stray fibers and small hairs. With Zeugma®, the smooth fibers and lack of stray fibers help release moisture more quickly, enhancing the comfort and providing quick drying.

High Durability:
Fabric mills normally wash cotton fabric with enzymes to remove lint and stray fibers on the surface of yarns. But enzymes reduce the burst and tear strength of the fabrics markedly. Due to the unique structure of Zeugma® filaments, the surface of the yarn is already lint-free so there is no need for enzyme washing. For this reason, the burst and tear strength of Zeugma® fabrics are higher than ordinary fabrics. Clothing maintains its "like new" appearance much longer.

Resistance to Pilling:
The naturally occurring stray fibers in conventional cotton fabrics can be released through wearing, friction, washing and drying. This is visible as lint in the filter of the dryer, pilling or wear on the surface of the garment, or even forming dust from sheets which can activate allergies. In Zeugma® fabrics, the smooth, interconnected filaments formed in the Zeugma process are nearly lint-free, resulting in much less pilling, less lint and less dust. Zeugma® fabric has nearly 50% less pilling effect than normal cotton,

Smoother, Brighter-looking Colors:
Conventional cotton fabric has stray fibers and small hairs in the yarn which give the surface a very slight fuzziness. Zeugma® is smoother and more uniform because the long filaments have less stray fibers or hairs. Thus the final fabric has a uniform, clean and bright appearance.

Environmentally Friendly:
Compared to normal cotton, Zeugma® requires less energy in the manufacturing process. No harmful chemicals or enzymes are used in the production of Zeugma®. Chemical additives are frequently applied to normal cotton to improve moisture-management and appearance. Such treatments are not needed for Zeugma® cotton. And Prancing Leopard fabrics are at least 95% organic, which greatly reduces environmental impact.

Prancing Leopard Carmague One-Piece

PRODUCTS | Styles Available with Zeugma®

Prancing Leopard Zeugma® Cotton comes in 10 Styles

Prancing Leopard is proud to announce that the following clothing styles are now available in Zeugma® (Zeugma®) for immediate delivery worldwide:
- Wakhan Pamir Capris (new version of our popular Pamir capri)
- Toulouse Jumpsuit (new jumpsuit design)
- Santorini Pants (long yoga pant which doubles as a dress pant!!!)
- Corsica Pants
- Xingu Leggings in black
- Cantabria Capris
- Waimea Shorts
- Bahia Paradiso Tunic (new version of our popular Logo tunic)
- Tunic Antibes
- Pasha Harem Pants (new version of our popular Harem pant),

Zeugma Textiles - Prancing Leopard's partner for Zeugma®

INSIDE NEWS | Zeugma® Textiles

Prancing Leopard partners with Zeugma® Textiles

Prancing Leopard Organic's Zeugma® is produced using Zeugma® textiles. Zeugma shares our vision for high-tech natural fibers, and provides the technology necessary to overcome the challenges involved.

Contact us to find out more about Zeugma or about Zeugma®.

Here are some of Prancing Leopards styles now available in our exclusive new organic Zeugma®:

Toulouse Jumpsuit by Prancing Leopard Organics in 95% organic Zeugma® cotton Harem Pants by Prancing Leopard Organics in 95% organic Zeugma® cotton Tunic Antibes by Prancing Leopard Organics in 95% organic Zeugma® cotton Yoga Jewelry and Malas by Prancing Leopard Organics in 95% organic Zeugma® cotton Mens Yoga and Surfing Style by Prancing Leopard Organics in 95% organic Zeugma® cotton
Color Your
Ipanema Tunic
Tunic Hoodie
Yoga Jewelry
and Malas
Side Tail

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