Why Organic Cotton?

Why Organic Cotton?

September 11, 2018 0 Comments

The first step to sustainability starts with the design.

The choice of raw material is the most important matter when designing anything.

An emotionally durable piece of clothing makes a big difference in sustainability. For that, we always answer several questions about our fabrics:

-What is it made of? Is it an organic/natural material or synthetic/man-made?  - Cotton is a plant, and organic cotton is grown and harvested without harmful chemicals.

-Is it renewable, or just using limited resources? - Renewable.

-Is it durable? Yes, our fabric, core-spun Zeugma Organic cotton, is more durable than conventional cotton.

-Is it vegan, or is the development process harmful to animals? - Vegan

-Is it consumer friendly? Does it need to be dry cleaned? How easy is it to wash? - No dry cleaning. It’s easy care.

-Is caring for the product (washing and drying the clothes) polluting the environment, the air, and/or groundwater? - No. Endocrine disruptors are not like synthetic materials.

Is it compostable or do we need to worry about the afterlife of the product? - Compostable.

Is it poisonous to the environment in any way? - No.


Many more questions must be answered when choosing the material for a product, like: the weight, color choice (for instance, neon colors are toxic), finishing. etc.

When we created Prancing Leopard 9 years ago, we answered all those questions mindfully.

ORGANIC COTTON was our choice of fabric at that time, and still is. It is the most luxurious, organic, renewable, consumer-friendly, durable, vegan, sustainable material of all.

www.aboutorganiccotton.org  offers a lot of info about organic cotton. We love the infographics made by www.aboutorganiccotton.org to explain the benefits and evolution of Organic cotton.



In comparison, here are some of the most commonly used fibers in fashion.

Natural Fibers

Synthetic Fibers


Plant based (cellulose)

Animal based

natural polymers of cellulose protein and others

synthetic polymers of petroleum, coal and others




















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About us
About us

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Prancing Leopard Organics represents the sustainable alternative in contemporary casual and fitness clothing.

Prancing Leopard is always organic, protecting the environment by using organic cotton and supporting the health of the wearer without the use of chemicals (nanosilver-free, formaldehyde-free, BPA-free, organic-approved dyes).

But there is more to environmental fashion. We utilize all the options: waste reduction, re-use, up-cycle, local, easy care, simplified 

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About Prancing Leopard

Prancing Leopard is about “yoga”, “organic”, "fair" and “style”. If those words mean a lot to you, you are at the right place. - Prancing Leopard Organics produces and sells organic yoga clothes designed to support every yoga asana. - All of our clothing is made of the finest organic cotton from Turkey, exclusively knit to our specifications. - Our workers are fully insured adults, treated with respect and fairness, and are very proud of their work. - We focus on creating truly stylish designs and strive to deliver only the very best quality yoga clothing to you. Prancing Leopard is fashion-forward and comfortable, we want to make it easy for you fit in the with latest trends and feel comfortable at the same time - especially during your yoga or pilates classes. Our exclusive high-tech Zeugma organic cotton fabric provides moisture-wicking, dry-feeling soft comfort throughout your day. Prancing Leopard moves with you like nothing at all. Our organic cotton yoga wear anticipates your every move. Our yoga clothing is designed to allow the maximum of freedom of movement for yoga while eliminating irritation and binding. Go ahead and try your most difficult yoga asanas and yoga postures, Prancing Leopard's clothing is there to help. Prancing Leopard is designer yoga clothing that works perfectly both in the studio or for a night out on the town. We adapt the most tasteful trends from the fashion runways for our yoga clothing. Our exclusive yoga clothing is truly stylish and on trend, sure to garner compliments on the street, not just at the yoga or pilates studio. Check out our exclusive women’s yoga clothing and you are sure to find something which suit you perfectly. Prancing Leopard compliments your figure and your style. Every woman has her own style. Our womens yoga wear is designed for real bodies, cut to be revealing in the right places and forgiving in the other places. Looking for organic yoga pants, reversible top or maybe an organic jumpsuit ? We have all these pieces of organic yoga clothes and much more! Prancing Leopard makes yoga clothing for men and children, too. If you came here for men’s yoga clothing, you will also find everything you need from men’s yoga pants to men’s yoga shirts. And of course we couldn’t forget about children, so at Prancing Leopard you will find a selection of organic yoga clothing for kids. Prancing Leopard makes artisan yoga malas. In addition to organic yoga clothing, Prancing Leopard also offers a range of artisan yoga jewelry & malas to help you deepen your yoga and meditation practice. All our artisan mala jewelry is personally hand made by the artist with love and care; most pieces utilize rare beads, vintage stones and antique Turkomen tassels, so they are a real find. Prancing Leopard Organics is primarily oriented towards sustainability Here at Prancing Leopard Organics sustainability is the purpose of our brand. We minimize the use of synthetic materials and use only organic cotton in sustainable processes, from harvesting to manufacturing to shipping to warehousing to delivery. We personally visit the cotton fields, the fabric manufacturers and the factories which sew our clothes. Prancing Leopard is focused on quality. We strive towards the highest possible quality and durability in our pilates & yoga clothing, also because that is the most sustainable approach. Our exclusive Zeugma® organic cotton fabric is up to 30% more durable than conventional fabric. Prancing Leopard is a family company, we take a personal interest in each and every one of our customers. Feel free to contact us directly about shopping for our organic yoga wear, and you will understand how exhilarating and comfortable yoga practice can feel !

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